Release: Version 0.1.3

Welcome Pilots to the next Patch to the Frontier Regions! This is a minor release on the way to finish the basic functionality in the game, and adds the Inventory, serving as the backbone of the Equipment system and Trading Module. You can grab the latest Demo from our!

New Additions

  • Docked players will occasionally hear a mildly funny announcement
  • Ship Value “BaseCargo=” added to give all ships a basic cargo hold. Starlight has 1000m³ for debug purpose.
  • Ship Engine Sounds
  • Jumpgate Sounds
  • New Space Systems
  • Inventory System; Open the new Inventory with I, spawn crates with O
  • Limited Doppler Effect Sound System
  • Temporary Executable to run the game in 1360×768


  • Update to Credits for new and old staff members; with this we welcome all new team members to the project that have joined thus far: jmalfonso, kopretina and wolfintank
  • Several Engine Updates to performance and optimization
  • Players Start in their Factions Tutorial System


  • Mouse no longer extra clicks in the settings menu if you pressed the Mouse button before opening it

Known Issues

  • Undocking sets you to the wrong position

About the new Inventory system:

While being quite rudimentary, we implemented a list-matrix inventory that updates itself with your collected items. It will still undergo some iterations to be able to scoop cargo selectively once equipment is added to the loot and management tables.

The current database holds up to 50 different items, currently without description, which is to follow. To see what you collected, press I and hover over the item.

About the New Systems:

Thanks to kopretina, we now have two systems for each faction, namely Luna, Earths’ moon, Terra, Earths’ Sector, Kurai and Sirius B for the Sirians, Scire and Arctur for the Orionids as well as Debug Testing Sectors for those interested in checking out different scenarios.

Upcoming for the next update 0.1.4:

For 0.1.4 we aim for a solid trading system with Indexes on Activity, Mining and several visual upgrades to sector and Stations

We all hope you will like this update and are looking forward to hear your feedback in the comments or on our Discord!


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