Patchnotes: 0.3.0 – Money Makes Millions

About the 0.3.x Series After building the Technical Framework with the 0.1.x series, and engaging in worldbuilding with the 0.2.x series, this Release Cycle introduces Game Mechanics. We start this series by adding one impactful game mechanic: Economy. Another minor addition is Salvaging and Looting, explained later. This release provides the foundation for more refined mechanics to be added. Station

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Release: Version 0.1.3

Welcome Pilots to the next Patch to the Frontier Regions! This is a minor release on the way to finish the basic functionality in the game, and adds the Inventory, serving as the backbone of the Equipment system and Trading Module. You can grab the latest Demo from our! New Additions Changes Fixes Known Issues About the new Inventory system:

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Rebuilding Old Tech for Modern Times: Runtime Modding

Hello potential future Pilots! As some of you know, beyond.frontiers bases in, by todays standards, very old technology. This is intentional and in this article I will show you why and how. We base the Engine off DirectX7, but added many different modifications so that you can truthfully say it is “DX7+”, its own deviating standard off the original. DX7+

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