Road to 0.1.4 and beyond(.frontiers)

Welcome Pilots, we have great news for you!

We have made amazing progress on the next upcoming Update and implemented many of the coming features already. The Team is very happy to announce that all of you might be getting version 0.1.4 way sooner than originally expected, and we’re ready to tell you more about all the changes and additions in this update as well as inform you about our future plans.

What is new?

The upcoming Version 0.1.4 adds a lot to the gameplay and mechanics. Here is a Teaser of the features and changes before we go into detail about them.

  • New hangar design
  • New models
  • In game chat
  • Mining
  • Selling and Trading
  • Buying and finding equipment
  • Using the Equipment Vendor
  • More options for Modders

New hangar design

With the arrival of new Supports listed in the Credits, we replaced the old Hangar Model for something much more appropriate. We cleaned some of the walls, threw out some trash and sold things we didn’t need in the Hangar. It now looks better than ever before!

New model: The Gaius

Together with the Hangar, we also did some polishing on the models for the different Ships. Thanks to some support on Ko-Fi we were able to afford a new model we already had planned to bring in the Game. The Gaius. In exchange for the aging Cosmove, the Gaius extends the Roster of available Mining Ships with a large, low-Sci-Fi inspired ship. Its large, long and sleek.

In game chat

Communication is Key, and that’s why we decided to install that new communication system into your ship. It now allows you to communicate with other ships all across the Multiverse – and the Developer is there to answer your questions or cause some things to happen in your game too!

Obviously, this screenshot still shows early development of that feature so some filtering functions are yet to be added.


We get that exploring can get a bit boring after a while, even if it is in our big universe. That’s why we worked hard to implement some more gameplay elements, starting with mining. So combine exploring our universe with searching for those sweet ores and minerals. It will be worth it, believe us!

Selling and Trading

Your ship’s cargo is full of valuable materials from your mining trip? Why don’t you sell them at the nearest selling point? Or do you want to travel a bit further to get that sweet extra price that point currently pays for your Electrum? Either way, you’re going to get rich in no time!

Or take the Economy into your own hands and trade Minerals and other wares from station to station in our new, ever changing market based on real time. Use Buttons to share special prices across the multiverse with the previously mentioned Chat function.

Buying and finding equipment

What to do with those fancy new spacebucks? Why not spend it on some equipment and upgrades for your ship? It looks a little small, rusty and vulnerable, so why not show who’s the best miner, the fastest racer or strongest fighter from all the ships. Equipment will make your job so much easier! Weapons, Shields, Armor, Engine Upgrades, get more Cargo, better Mining Lasers or even a science module!

While you’re exploring our big open universe, you might also come across some leftover equipment pieces. Why not install it into your ship to save a bit of money? Maybe check if it actually works and doesn’t blow up before you do. Else, you won’t really be able to enjoy the money you just saved.

Using the Equipment Vendor

Well, this point is kinda self-explanatory, but I will quickly go over it anyway. With all that new equipment you bought, you can modify your ship to your liking and play style. Well, let you all figure out what’s the best equipment for that.

Additional modding options

We encourage modifying our game, to add your own items, systems and ships. That’s why we work on our modding options to make them as powerful as possible, making it as easy for modders to create amazing things!

Welcome to all new team members

During the work on the past versions and up until now many talented new people joined our Team. We are happy to welcome new Voice actors and Graphics designers, Social media Managers, World Designers and UI assistants! And we can assure everyone that our new team members, just like the rest of the team, will give their best to help improve the game even more!

What’s next?

Version 0.1.4 will be the last Update of the 0.1.x Series and mark the point where the core Game Mechanics are added and can thus be expanded upon and refined. This also means that 0.2.x is on the horizon mid- to end of November, with the full planned universe, NPC traders, NPC miners and lots of hidden mysteries.

We hope you’re as excited for the next Update as we are, and hope to hear feedback and suggestions from you on our discord Server [Link to Discord here :)]. If you wanna see more information about updates, mechanics or our progress on the game, make sure to follow our official account @dualitybeyond_ on Twitter. Check out our Kofi Page under to support us financially and get some sweet rewards like access to the Founders Worlds in return.

The downloadable demo is available on our Page: beyond.frontiers by DualityBeyond Games (

Thank you again for reading this! The DualityBeyond Team, signing off~


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